The Significance of a Cinematic Wedding Video for Memorable Wedding Vows

Cinematic wedding films

A Cinematic wedding video is a bit different. Maybe you have hired a videographer for your own wedding but you can take the help of cinematic wedding video for your daughter’s wedding. With this video, you can show the whole wedding ceremony in a very cinematic way. As it says on Cinematic wedding video Wikipedia page: “The term is defined as making a movie or film. Within the wedding videography industry, it has taken on the following meaning: It is captured and edited for the dramatic effect and mood”.

Well, carry on reading the upcoming passages to learn more about the significance of cinematic video and some tips for a newbie videographer.

Significance of Cinematic Wedding Video

A significant part of the cinematic video is to cover various shots of the same scenes but from different angles and various focal lengths.

However, we all know that a wedding is one of the best and life-changing stages of life. It is an important step in life where we make it official that we are ready to spend the rest of our life with the person we love. This important milestone in your life lends itself perfectly to be captured Cinematically. Cinematic documentary-style wedding video avoid shots that look overly forced or staged. Here, a videographer tries to keep it natural and get those candid shots.

A good Wedding Cinematographer will ask to film the bridal preparation and not just go straight to the church to film the ceremony. Why? The reason is because he/she is crafting a story of the day and the more of the story they have captured the better the wedding film will be. They will know what to film and when, when to get close to the action and when to stay away and observe from a distance, they anticipate they do not direct, everything must be natural.

Sometimes there is background music, sometimes there are some lyrics, and sometimes there is a sweet conversation. Most cinematic wedding films are between 5 and 15 minutes but they take up to 60 hours to put together.

Below are some of the key shots every good cinematographer should capture

  • Bride’s father seeing her in dress for first time
  • Groom reaction seeing bride in ceremony
  • The kiss
  • Walking into the reception
  • Speech reactions, (guests / top table)
  • Cutting the cake
  • First dance
  • Evening dancing

Tips For ‘Shooting A Cinematic Wedding Video’ For The Newbie Videographer

  • Communicate with the couple, venue, and vendors.
  • Use more than 1 camera
  • Audio is crucial, have backups
  • Be respectful of the church and ceremony
  • Be at one with your camera, filming a wedding is stressful
  • Play it safe during the ceremony.
  • Prepare yourself for low light situations
  • Improve Your Composition
  • Allow visual elements to tell your story
  • Observe Proper Camera Placement

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