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These days, you can wear the polo shirt in more or less any occasion where a free collar is a replacement for the shirt and tie. Polo t-shirt is widely accepted whether it is the conventional polo fields, country clubs, tennis courts, or offices. Also, it is well adopted in many industries as a suitable substitute for uniforms. Thus, it seems like polo shirts are everywhere and the reason behind this is these look cool, casual, yet formal and make you feel comfy. You can buy quality polo t-shirts online in wholesale. In the adjoined passages, let’s check out some polo t-shirt do’s and don’ts in brief. 

polo t-shirts online

DO’s & DON’Ts – let’s check out the polo t-shirt etiquette 

Men love wearing polo shirts almost everywhere, whether they are off to a football match or to the office. They prefer mixing and matching their polo shirts almost with everything. Some try it with a tailored blazer and some other pair it with ripped jeans. Even often, these are paired with tuxedoes. However, although there are various freestyle use of the shirt, there are several rules of wearing a polo t-shirt. Let’s check them out.

Layering is a no-go option 

Your polo t-shirt should fit your figure but not hug the frame, and if so there won’t be enough room for wearing another shirt underneath. To speak the truth, polo t-shirts are not suitable for layering. Therefore, don’t wear an undershirt with a polo t-shirt. Even don’t layer more than one polo shirt because this inexplicable style might get you attention but fashion forward people won’t appreciate that.  

Keep it fitted but not Tight

Make sure that the shirt fits your body comfortably. If you find that the sleeves are too tight, get a bigger size and if you find them slacking; get a smaller size. The best quality polo shirts are made of light, breathable and comforting material like cotton. And if you pick the right size, it will embrace your body nicely. You can easily buy polo t-shirts online.  

buy polo t-shirts online

Pick the right size according to Your Height

Whether you tuck in your polo t-shirt or you leave the tail open, make sure the tail doesn’t extend the middle of your hip. If the tail is unnecessarily long, it will crumple and will show when you tuck it in. Therefore, choose the size of the polo shirt according to your height.  

Popping the Collar is not a good option 

You might think that popping the collar of the polo t-shirt will add swagger to your personality but this is not true. This is an old fashion and if you are fashion-forward, you will find it odd although this is still a hit among the teenagers.  

Wearing polo Shirts with a Blazer

You might find men who prefer sporting a polo t-shirt with a blazer although the soft collar doesn’t lay flat.  Agree or not. a blazer looks the best when paired with a dress shirt.  

Where to buy polo t-shirts online?

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